Valuing People

At Corby, we treat everyone we work with as family – from our employees to our customers to our suppliers. It’s a top priority because we know that diverse thinking contributes to creativity, boldness and the growth of our business. To provide win-win memorable experiences to all our stakeholders it is important we build a culture that highly values variety of thought, those willing to challenge the status quo, those who think differently from one another, and who come from differing backgrounds and cultures.

Balance & Inclusivity

Internally, we have a passionate group of employees that make up our international Balance & Inclusivity Committee, with members across every one of our offices. Read more about the mission and goals of our BIC Committee here.

Bringing People Together

Conviviality is about sharing warmth, care and respect for people everywhere. At Corby, we’re always looking at new ways to encourage open, authentic social interactions. One example is through our national partnership with GenWell, a Canadian not-for-profit whose mission is to make the world a happier and healthier place by reminding people about the importance of face-to-face social connection. Across all of our offices and manufacturing facilities, we hold GenWell Convivial Lunches with our employees and provide a phone-free opportunity for them to gather together, share a nice lunch and cocktail, and spark great conversations among colleagues.

Driving Change

In addition to these initiatives, we’re also driving change externally through brand affiliations that inspire acceptance, inclusion and the support of industry diversification.