Hiram Walker

Most of Corby’s owned brands are produced at the iconic Hiram Walker & Sons distillery in Windsor, Ontario. In operation for more than 160 years, this historic facility produces some of the very best whiskies in Canada, and has been awarded Distillery of the Year by the Canadian Whisky Awards for the last four years in a row.

When you wet your lips against a glass of Hiram Walker & Sons whisky, you’re not just drinking a multiple Distillery of the Year-winning blend.

You’re taking a sip of history.

Against the Windsor skyline, few landmarks stand taller than the Hiram Walker & Sons campus. Located on the Detroit River, that cluster of buildings overlooks bustling Walkerville, which is always filled to bursting with novel dining and shopping experiences.

And yet, despite everyone being familiar with Hiram Walker & Sons, few truly understand the sheer scope of what goes on inside that industrious distillery. From the brand center to the distillery to the warehouse, the wheels never stop turning!

Hiram Walker & Sons blends about 130 million liters of alcohol (or 5,000,000 cases of spirits!) a year. The facility operates 24 hours a day, 25 days a month, to create a variety of products, including vodka, rum, Canadian whisky, liqueurs and gin.

At Hiram Walker & Sons, tradition blends with innovation. Since its foundation in the 1850s, the Hiram Walker & Sons method is a tried and tested one. Selecting the highest quality grains. Fermenting the corn, barley, rye, and wheat separately. Distilling all the different liquids at their individual boiling points.

And as the old saying goes, it takes a village. From pipefitters to electricians to production associates— from the warehouse floor to the office—every single employee’s contribution is more than just necessary. It’s instrumental, the lifeblood of the company’s beating heart.

Hiram Walker & Sons values expertise that every member of their talent pool brings to the distillery process. And from flex work policies to fun events held onsite, Hiram Walker & Sons is committed to displaying that gratitude in countless ways. Every holiday season, management even sends each worker home with a Christmas turkey!

With over 350 employees that call the campus home, the company is committed to ensuring that their family remains an open, welcoming one. Hiram Walker & Sons maintains extensive diversity and inclusion initiatives, and is committed to driving change by inspiring acceptance, inclusion and industry diversification.

And that generosity extends externally as well as internally. Hiram Walker & Sons remains one of Windsor’s most generous donors. The company has donated funds to the Ford City Drouillard Community Garden, the United Way, the Hospice of Windsor and Essex County and many more!

As part of Hiram Walker & Sons’ community focus, one of the distillery’s core values is sustainability. Hiram Walker’s parent company, Pernod Ricard, has created a robust 2030 sustainability and responsibility strategy: Good Times from a Good Place. This strategy, based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, addresses all aspects of the business—from grain to glass. Some sustainability targets include:

• Net zero carbon emissions for scopes 1 and 2 of its production cycle by 2030.
• All production sites and offices powered by renewable electricity by 2025.
• Fully eliminating single-use plastic promotional items by 2021—a target that’s already reached!
• All packaging to be fully recyclable, compostable, reusable, or bio based by 2025.
• Combating alcohol misuse with a program in each market by 2030.

Hiram Walker & Sons is fully dedicated to the community it has called home over 150 years.

And the campus on Riverside Drive also contains more than just a distillery. Hiram Walker & Sons contains extensive departments, including Information Technology for North and South America, Research and Development, Procurement, Human Resources and Finance for North America.

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