Corporate Governance

Corby is committed to a high standard of corporate governance practices. The Board of Directors and Executives support Corby’s efforts to align with the recommendations currently in effect.

Over the past several years there have been various initiatives by securities regulatory authorities, institutional investors and stock exchanges to enhance the standards of corporate governance within public companies. These initiatives have addressed corporate governance issues generally and, in particular, issues related to accounting controls, disclosure standards, board oversight, appropriate management incentives, board independence and other matters. The Board of Directors and Executives will continue to monitor developments in this area carefully, and will respond appropriately to any future changes.

The principal corporate governance rules applying to Canadian public companies are contained in various Canadian Securities Administrators’ instruments, the Toronto Stock Exchange Manual and the Canada Business Corporations Act. Corby has complied with the applicable corporate governance requirements and will continue to do so. Further information about Corby corporate governance practices is available in our public filings ( )