Responsib’All Day

Our commitment to local communities begins with our employees. We listen to what they are passionate about and support their individual volunteer work and charitable efforts. Employees at Corby and Hiram Walker, joined by 18,500 global employees of Pernod Ricard, unite to bring to life our mission of unlocking the magic of human connection by bringing “Good times from a Good Place”.

Each year, all global employees join together for Responsib’All Day – a day of global action where all business is stopped and employees play a role in building a more sustainable and responsible world.

All Corby and Hiram Walker products come from nature and rely on well-functioning ecosystems to continue to produce the iconic brands now and for generations to come. However, the losses in the bee industry are expected to surpass the billion-dollar mark this year in Canada – a severe impact to the whole agriculture industry.

On June 16, 2022, Corby and Hiram Walker employees built and donated 66 hives to local beneficiaries where they will host colonies of bees – serving an important role in biodiversity. Each colony can range from 10,000 bees in the spring to up to 80,000 in the summer, and are essential for the pollination of flowers, fruits and vegetables.