From the grains grown by local farmers that make up our whiskies, to the grapes cultivated at our Niagara winery, to the wild botanicals harvested in the Canadian arctic – our products take their character from the land where they were grown. Corby’s portfolio of wines and spirits truly depend on Canada’s natural resources: clean, clear water; fertile farmland for grain; and sources of energy for manufacturing. As a result, our approach to environmental responsibility considers both the direct and indirect impacts of our business activities.

More than 80% of Corby products are blended and bottled for us by our sister company, Hiram Walker & Sons Limited, in Windsor, Ontario. The Windsor facility is ISO 14000 compliant and meets the highest international environmental certification levels. It was awarded “GreenSTAR” status from the local utility provider for improvements that have helped reduce its carbon footprint.

We will nurture every terroir and its biodiversity and respond to the challenges of climate change to ensure quality ingredients now and for generations to come.