Nos marques

Le portefeuille de Corby compte certaines des marques parmi les plus renommées au Canada, notamment les whiskys canadiens J.P. Wiser’s, Lot No. 40, Pine Creek et Gooderham & Worts, ainsi que le rhum Lamb’s, la vodka Polar Ice et les liqueurs McGuinness.

Corby est aussi propriétaire des marques canadiennes d’exception que sont Gin Ungava, Cabot Trail, Chic Choc et The Foreign Affairs Winery. En vertu de son affiliation à Pernod Ricard S.A., un chef de file mondial des vins et spiritueux, Corby représente également des marques phares internationales telles que la vodka ABSOLUT, les whiskys écossais Chivas Regal, Aberlour, The Glenlivet et Ballantine’s, le whisky irlandais Jameson, le gin Beefeater, le rhum Malibu, la liqueur de café Kahlúa, le champagne Mumm et les vins Jacob’s Creek, Stoneleigh, Campo Viejo et Wyndham Estate.

Notre portefeuille unique de marques canadiennes d’exception et de grandes marques internationales, englobant toutes les principales catégories de vins et spiritueux, fait de Corby la société au portefeuille de produits le plus complet sur le marché. Combinées, ces marques constituent un magnifique éventail de produits qui propose au consommateur le choix et la variété qu’il recherche.

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Nouveautés / innovations

  • Altos Margarita Ready To Serve

    Delivers a bar-quality margarita that can be enjoyed responsibly from the comfort of home. Each bottle combines the award-winning Altos tequila, lime, agave syrup and triple sec to make a perfectly balanced margarita. All you do is pour over ice and enjoy – it’s that simple.

  • Cabot Trail Maple Cream & Quebec Blueberry

    True to the spirit of the legendary Coureur des Bois – explorers of the Quebec forests – our Maple Cream and Quebec Blueberry Cabot Trail combines the sweetness and premium quality of Quebec maple syrup with the fresh and slightly tangy taste of blueberries.

  • Absolut Mango Mule

    Our pre-prepared, ready-to-sip Absolut Mango Mule brings that balance of sweet and crisp tropical mango and spicy hot ginger, with a level of quality that you can only expect from your favourite cocktail bars.

  • J.P. Wiser’s 10-Year-Old

    Aged 10 years and Triple barrel distilled, this whisky has aromas of caramel, honeycomb toffee, vanilla, dried fruits and rye spices with subtle tasting notes of green apple and pear drops. Enjoy it neat, on the rocks or in our new Stonefence cocktail.

  • Havana Club Cuban Smoky

    Cuban Smoky is a real rule-breaker in the world of rum. A rum base used in its liquid has been aged in malt whisky barrels from Islay in Scotland. This gives Cuban Smoky added body, complexity and its signature smoky notes, which can be fully appreciated with a simple neat serve over ice.

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